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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Only what is important to have right. So if everything is important, then we check everything.In practical terms, few factories want to risk items being rejected, so we do three things-We ask you what is important, and if poor quality were to show up, where will that be, and we include that in our list.

We tell the factory what we are going to inspect, so they know what to pay attention to. We might inspect, get a sample from the batch flown over, test something with them, what ever is practical and agreed to do, so that we get what we want.However, please be clear, if you the client do not make clear what is key in the specification, want the very cheapest price, and cannot direct us as to what is crucial to inspect, then the Chinese will make to a level that they think is acceptable.

If that turns out to be different to what you in hindsight realise you should have asked for, then you have to take some responsibility here. What if, despite all the assurances, the products are not up to scratch? The agreement is with the sample and specification.

If in the unlikely event the product is different to that, then we work to resolve the problem. Be it replacement goods, correction of the product, reduction in price. What is the most practical solution for both parties? Business is always a relationship game, and almost all of our clients are after repeat orders, so they want to find a practical solution going forward. We never walk away. This is a major benefit of dealing with us. What can go wrong?

Assumptions and timings. If it was not agreed for the goods to be packed in 50's or agreed they are wrapped in paper, sealed bag or left loose? - it is the little details that we work hard to quantify, but the assumptions are a key risk. The other is a slight risk of delay in shipping, or slight risk of damage in transit.

Customs are understandably a rule unto themselves and can have a delaying capability as can the weather.We insure all goods, inspect before shipment, and use the best of our experience to check all that we can, but as mentioned it is the small oversights that will catch us out if anything will. The sample not inspected correctly, so for example a glue fails in heavy use, but it was as per sample, however the sample was never tested heavily.

Rust from salt air on painted goods where no antirust paint was specified. Inadequate packing when something heavy next to them in the container moved. An assumption that the part will also fit other models, slightly different to the main one tested, because it does with those from the existing supplier.As you can see, there can be a range of potential issues, which is why we are perfect to help you, we have experience to guide matters.

But even where there are issues which are grey as to who is at fault, we work to resolve any problems, and move on to get the next shipment perfect.